Garth Smith Senior Producer/Audio Engineer Procomms USA

I love working with Kenny. He makes my job as the audio engineer much easier. During my last VO session with Kenny we did not know exactly what the client was looking for so Kenny gave me a wide variety of styles, attitudes, and even age ranges. It’s always a pleasure working with Kenny.

Michael Goode

I have worked with Kenny on several projects now and I’m always impressed with the professionalism and quality of the recordings he delivers. He responds well to direction and the content he provides sounds great. It’s also worth saying that good communication is so important in this industry and Kenny always keeps us updated so I know where the projects we work together on are up to. Kenny always delivers what we ask for when we need it, quite often before the agreed deadline.’

Joseph Wheeler

We enjoy our working relationship with Kenny because he delivers time-and-time again. His focus likes ours, is always on a quality end product, and he will always go the extra mile.

Brett Turner

You’ve heard the saying, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” and that’s where I met Kenny. He made a call to my office phone one afternoon, just simply get in touch with like-minded small business owners within the media industry and since then we’ve got a long from the word go. He has a very broad vocal range that he can translate very easily into any style to suit the project’s tone of voice. Kenny takes great consideration of a project’s subject matter, adding to it regarding his professional experience within the industry.

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