I had come to the realisation that I needed to have a closer look at how I could provide further clarity of vision for my business and life. Then, whilst doing some internet-based research, I came across Natasha Marchewka, a US based voice talent who happened to be offering a course that reflected my very needs. The aptly named ‘Master VO To-Do-List,’ offers a very structured approach to planning, with a range of practical hints, tips and strategies, whilst organising your business into a series of lists. For example, one of the very first area of focus was on ‘what does a freelancer voice talent need?’  What I really liked about this was the simplicity in which Natasha breaks down what you need, into easily understandable areas such as the craft, systems, relationship building, content and publicity. Each area has a series of bullet points that you can check through to see what still needs to be done.

As I went through this three-week online course, I personally felt more focused, organised and able to really look at how I effectively used my time, whilst minimising doubt and frustrations related to getting enough done in a day.!!! The beauty also of this course are Natasha’s videos, as she eloquently talks through each topic in a very relaxed and calming manner, whilst providing some opportunities for you, to add personal comments and feedback for other members. What you quickly realise is that through the sharing of comments and feedback, it felt more like you were part of a voice over community, rather than an ‘isolated’ voice talent who is continually trying to figure out what you should be doing next within your business. The other benefit of the course was that it felt that she had pitched the course at the right level, primarily at voice talent with experience in the voice over industry and those voice over talent, who wanted to take their voice over business to the next level.

Overall, as a result of doing Natasha’s course, I now have a greater clarity of purpose and understanding of what I need to do in order to fulfil my desired goals and objectives.

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