I remember having a meeting about 2 years ago with my business mentor and he mentioned that an aspect to consider when growing my business, was to develop external partnerships. As a result of that discussion, I decided to develop a strategy for targeting local universities, in order to identify what internship graduate schemes, that I could participate in. It turned out that one university in the East Midlands, ran a 6 week graduate internship programme, that involved having an intern with your business for 18.5 hours per week. I thought that this would benefit my voice over business, by providing an external perspective to an aspect of my business that I had neglected. At the time, this was to develop part of my social media strategy. After interviewing the graduate I clearly observed that not only did they grasp very quickly the nature of my business, but also brought ideas that I had not even considered, which was a breath of fresh air!!!

Due to the success of that initial internship, I have since gone back to hire another intern, to build on my social media strategy and the enthusiasm that the intern has already demonstrated, during our conversations and face to face meetings, means that I have not only benefited from having graduates that will enhance my business, but also developed an invaluable partnership with a global focused institution. So for those voice actors, who may not have considered partnering with a local college or University, I urge you to consider this as an option, given the limitations of time that we all have, when trying to balance the various aspects of running a voice over business.

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