When I started doing voice over work over 15 years ago, I remember trying out so many different genres of voice over, including, radio commercials, jingles, corporate, TV commercials, gaming and short films.

I also kept  telling myself to  ‘have a go at doing that radio drama audition’.  It was partly to try out whether I would get it and actually to also take myself out of a comfort zone of that we as voice over artists can easily fall into.

Then I realised when looking at my voice over CV, I know some of you might be saying a CV? well it actually helped me to evaluate where I was getting more of my voice work and also where I should focus my niche as a professional voice over artist.

Interestingly I began to notice that I was getting less and less gaming auditions, but more e-learning, corporate and commercial voice over work. Also I was getting more requests for specific African-English voice over work. So I decided to develop a  strategy, which focused on marketing my services to companies within this genres and I would say that over the past 5 years, not only has more voice over work, increased as a result of ‘honing’ in on specific areas of voice work, but globally this has been the case too, with more clients specifically requesting more accented voice work especially African-English, RP and Jamaican-Patois.

So it is important to focus your efforts as you gain more experience on niche areas that bring out your uniqueness as a voice actor,  especially as we now tend to operate in a highly competitive marketplace and being known for specialising in particular genres of voice work, could also lead to more repeat work and clients that respect and value you for the specialist talents that you possess.

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