Well back in January of 2019, I wrote a blog highlighting why It was important to understand your niche as a voice over artist. Since writing that blog, I recently watched an online video with an African-American voice over artist, called Earl Hall. During the 15 minute session, Earl spoke about knowing  your  ‘micro-niche’. For example,  if you were an audiobook narrator, that was your niche, but if you specialised in narrating romance novels, that was your micro-niche. Earl really spoke to me and it made me consider what my own niche was, but perhaps more importantly what was my micro-niche? So after carefully reflecting on these questions, it became apparent that my niche was animation and my micro-niche was character animation. As I have recently voiced various character animation projects.

Earl also outlined that our websites, other wise known as our ‘business cards’ would not really resonate with our target audiences. In my case animators, creative directors and stop motion specialists. Earl’s reference to creating a landing page, was truly a ‘light-bulb’ moment. In other words creating a landing page that was separate from my your own website, would be where I  could create my micro-niche. Why had I not thought of this before? Perhaps because as with so many other voice over artists, we tend to  generalise and rather than specialise on our micro niche. This is why I am booking a strategy session later this month to discuss the importance of developing my own micro niche, with Earl. Following that I also intend to focus on creating my own landing page, that will reflect my essence, whilst driving potential leads to the landing page. So it truly is important to know your micro-niche as a voice over artist.

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