So recently, I decided that I would like to explore ‘Thinkubator Challenge’. This is where hubs of academics, alumni fellows, undergraduate, postgraduate and research students, solve a business problem as identified by myself.

My voiceover business is growing, yet I have not had time to focus on key aspects of the business such as my social media presence. I have a voice over website, which I regularly update and have recently updated my Lin kedin profile, by adding new videos and links to recent projects. However, my presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are areas that need future development.

With ‘Thinkubator Challenge’  you are invited to attend for a day to present your business challenge to the hub, returning at the end of the day to hear suggestions and practical next steps. Whilst my social media challenge is worked on by the hub teams, I am invited to attend a free Business Master class aimed at inspiring and empowering me as an entrepreneur.

I recently was informed that I was one of the successful businesses chosen to participate in the ‘Thinkubator Challenge’  scheme in November 2019. I am really looking forward to hearing ideas that can enhance my voice-over business, from a cross-section of academics, particularly as it continues to expand globally.

Next month, I will provide an overview on how the day progressed the learning that came from the event and the practical hints, tips and strategies that the hub team shared as part of my voice-over business.


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